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Four Seasons Salad Mix Grow these micros simultaneously, then mix together to make a sweet, nutty, spicy salad mix that you can enjoy all year round. Add to other salad greens to increase nutrient density and add dimension and flavour. Great on sandwiches too! 


  • *Sunflowers
  • *Pea Shoots
  • *Red Radish
  • *Coco Peat
  • *3 x MicroPots
  • *Nutritional Information and Suggested Uses
  • *Step-by-Step illustrated Instructions
  • *A How-to-Video
  • *FAQ sheet

STARTER KIT Gift ~ Four Seasons Salad Mix

  • Everything you need to grow the Four Seasons Salad trio of microgreens is in the bag!
    3 packs of seeds, 3 Compostable MicroPots with CocoPeat and lids, a Bottletop Sprayer (waters the microgreens perfectly and allows you to upcycle any single use plastic bottle), easy to follow step by step instructions, a FAQs sheet, and nutritional information/suggested uses are all included in a gorgeous jute gift bag. In just 1-2 weeks you will be harvesting your own fresh microgreens right from your kitchen benchtop! 

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