Sunday July 4 11am-12:30pm


What's it all about?

Grow fresh organic food right on your kitchen benchtop all year round, the easiest most nutrient dense edibles ever! With no garden space, no green thumb, no tools required, just enthusiasm to grow nutritionally dense food in days. Hear about the history of Sprout House Farms, learn the health benefits of eating sprouts and microgreens, how to use them, why it's a great idea to grow food plants of any kind, and how to keep a constant fresh supply of greens at your fingertips.

What will we cover?

You will learn the health benefits of growing chemical free microgreens and sprouts, the different types and how easy they are to grow. Michelle will demonstrate the planting method and allow time for people to plant their own. You will go home with the start of your kitchen benchtop garden including two micropots/choice of seeds/cocopeat plus instruction sheets Sprouts & Microgreens Benefits sheet. This class is a must if you want to grow fresh, versatile food that packs a health punch.

Farm Tour and Tastings

While you're visiting Sprout House Farms you will get to tour the gardens in our new location and also get to sample a range of microgreens before choosing the varieties you would like to plant and take home.

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Edible Flowers. Easy Making, Baking and Entertaining with Edible Flowers

Sunday July 18, 2021 1pm-3:30pm

Join Michelle Mairs from Sprout House Farms who will take you on a culinary journey to teach you five different ways to use edible edible flowers to make your delightful dishes as visually delicious as they are tasty. You will watch demonstrations, participate, and taste the creations. You will be able to perfect the technique used to make our signature eye-popping, mouth watering rice-paper rolls and learn how to decorate the ever popular Garden Party Cake. Tips and tricks for making floral ice cubes, icy poles and gorgeous cocktails will also be covered.


There will be an opportunity to wander around and enjoy the florific abundance of Sprout House Farms and learn the taste and nutritional profiles of edible flowers. We will explore the therapeutic qualities, as well as learn how and what to grow in our region. Michelle will teach you how to identify, source, store and preserve edible flowers and send you home with a packet of dried edible flowers to play with.


Light lunch provided


Take home A Recipe Book, Edible Flower info sheets, Dried Edible Flowers and an Edible Flower Seeds to plant in your garden.