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OurEdible Flower Mix is the perfect addition to any garden. This mix includes a variety of colorful and delicious edible flowers that are sure to brighten up your meals. Not only are these flowers a tasty addition to salads and desserts, but they also attract beneficial insects to your garden. Best of all, this mix is self-sowing, so you can enjoy these beautiful blooms year after year. Add some flavor and beauty to your garden with our Edible Flower Mix.


Sow direct in a full sun location in Spring and Autumn. Cover lightly with a fine layer of fine soil and water regularly until established.


Packet covers two square meters.


Flower Mix includes

Queen Anne's Lace (white)

Cornflower 'Blue Boy' (blue)

Sweet Allysum "Royal Carpet" (purple)

Sweet Allysum "Carpet of Snow" (white)

Marigold (compact organge)

Cosmos "Sensation" (pinks)


SEEDS- Edible Flower Mix

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