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Sample our Immune Support Range in a combo pack and save 10%! Enjoy three separate punnets of microgreens mixes in convenient 60g PLA compostable containers. Includes Broccoli (loaded with Vitamins C and A, Calcium and Iron plus sulforaphane), Immune Support Mix (Red Cabbage, Fenugreek and Broccoli), and Mixed Radish (Daikon, Sango, and China Rose). Recent research shows that combining cruciferous sprouts like radish and broccoli significantly intensifies the sulphoraphane formation. 

3 x Immune Support Combo Pack Medium

Price Options
One-time purchase
Nourish Weekly
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$23.18every week until canceled
Nourish Monthly
Subscribe and Save an Additional 5% (a total of 15% off)
$24.46every month until canceled
  • Our Fresh Harvest Products are always harvested on the day of delivery for maximum freshness! Store in an air-tight container in your produce drawer and enjoy for up to two weeks from the harvest date.

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