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Don't need the gift bag? Our no-frills Starter Kits are perfect for those who want an economical way to get started growing microgreens.

The Immune Booster PRO Microgreens Starter Kit are your complete preventative medicine chest. Add these powerhouse sprouts to your diet and they will help you through the flu season without so much as a cough, splutter or a sneeze! The two brassicas and fenugreek are all known for their loaded immunity-enhancing anti-oxidants and extremely high levels of health-promoting phytonutrients. 


Increase vitality and enjoy good health all year round! Have an Immune Booster Pro green smoothie every day!


  • *Broccoli
  • *Fenugreek
  • *Red Cabbage
  • *Coco Peat
  • *Bottle Top Sprinkler
  • *3 x MicroPots
  • *Nutritional Information and Suggested Uses
  • *Step-by-Step illustrated Instructions
  • *A How-to-Video
  • *FAQ sheet

STARTER KIT ~ Immune Booster Pro (No Gift Bag)

  • Everything you need to grow the Immune Booster Pro trio of microgreens is in the bag!
    3 packs of seeds, 3 Compostable MicroPots with CocoPeat and lids, a Bottletop Sprayer (waters the microgreens perfectly and allows you to upcycle any single use plastic bottle), easy to follow step by step instructions, a FAQs sheet, and nutritional information/suggested uses are all included. In just 1-2 weeks you will be harvesting your own fresh microgreens right from your kitchen benchtop! 

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