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From the Gardens of Sprout House Farms. Chrysanthemum coronarium has both edible leaves and flowers. It is known by many names including Coronation Daisy and Choy Suey
Hardy annual to 1m.
Sow: Spring, Summer,
Autumn 30 days

Chrysanthemum Greens are commonly used in Asian cuisine and can be eaten boiled, raw or steamed. Chrysanthemum coronarium has been shown to have a very long list of health benefits and a multitude of anti-cancer properties, it moderates blood sugar, is great for weight loss and contains a whopping 4x the potassium found in bananas.

SEEDS-Edible Flower Edible Chrysanthemum

  • All of our seeds are 100% organic, grown ourselves and sourced locally whenever possible. If you are not completely satisfied with your seeds, let us know and return any unused portion for a full refund.

  • All punnets, packaging and cocopeat are 100% re-usable and compostable. Keep out of direct sunlight. Once all microgreens are harvested, simply plant again, or dispose of with your food waste.

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