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Our CocoPeat is a clean, loose, dust-free, super absorbent, sustainable product that comes from the inner husk of the coconut. Once you use your CocoPeat, put it in the garden or compost heap. Worms love it!

Large bag fills 30 MicroPots or 15 trays

BULK CocoPeat

  • Our CocoPeat is packaged in PLA plant-based plastic made out of corn, not oil. All punnets, packaging and cocopeat are 100% re-usable and compostable. Keep out of direct sunlight. Once all microgreens are harvested, simply plant again, or dispose of with your food waste.

  • CocoPeat is an all natural sustainabley sourced product made from the inner husk of the coconut. It is the best medium for growing microgreens in your kitchen because it's clean, it allows for the perfect amount of water and air around the roots of your plants, and it can be re-used in a number of ways.

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